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An in progress write up I am doing on Back Pain. This is one of the dis-eases that plagues modern humans at a striking rate. It is occurring in younger bodies.

Back Pain

Ideal back – Symmetry and balance, flexibility and suppleness, strength and endurance.

We want to be able to engage all postures with ease. Fascial restrictions, caused by lifelong repetitive movements, however, will prevent our ability to function freely if we are not conscious of our ability.

Repetitive movements which create fascial restrictions – improperly building muscle (untoned muscle caused by too much contraction and not enough relaxation/expansion eventually becomes myofascial scar tissue), rolling around on soft cushions without being aware of our ability to use the entire fascial system (soft beds, soft seat cushions, sofas, etc, can make us twisted), and lastly driving (using the pedal while connected to a soft cushion creates imbalances in our fascial matrix).

Mind = Body. Our body matrix created by our myofascial controls everything from our posture to movement to the function of all of our organs. It is our mind. Many people think nerves and the brain are the only mind, but in reality, the mind is within the entire body. This is why being angry and sad can affect our entire body from our posture to our immune strength. By meditating and visualizing on a balanced and functioning body, we will begin to discover new ways to utilize every aspect of our myofascial to create a healthy system. Psychosomatic describes mind and body. By visualizing symmetry of the spine and balance within our physical frame, we are activating many of the neurons and cells that may have atrophied or become weakened from lack of conscious use. Notice that most of our bodies are crooked and tension is not displaced evenly throughout the fascial system. By letting go of unsymmetrical tension through breath and intention, we can release the restrictions/fascial scar tissue that prevent us from moving with balance and ease.

Crooked mind/body is the norm. The improper symmetry between left brain and right brain, also affects the symmetry of the body (spine and pelvic) and vice versa. The pineal gland and pituitary gland sits in the middle and controls the balance between both sides. Because of a culture which rewards left brain dominance, most of our minds are lacking in creativity, and the ability to visualize. Becoming conscious of this, allows us to move in a direction of healing. Ancient medicine and modern research has shown that a symmetrical mind and body leads to improved health and clarity. By visualizing and desiring a healthy and symmetrical body and mind, we will manifest our desires.

Our abilities include being able to control the position and structure of our myofascial (e.g. human cell wall which moves and controls our structure and movement), ability to manipulate (expand and contract) every square millimeter of our physical body, ability to be at ease at all times with awareness and conscious movement.

Alkaline diet. An alkaline diet based on fruits and herbs will fix anything. What does this have to do with a structure alignment issue? It is impossible to use our physical body properly if it is not given the nutrients and energy to survive. When the body is acidic, it will pull alkalizing Calcium right out of our bones to counteract the acid. Acidic foods include pretty much everything in the standard American diet (SAD). So without the Calcium, we experience osteoporosis and other forms of spinal degeneration. The web is filled with tons of information about how to make the body alkaline, which can be measured by pH strips with saliva or urine.

Take herbs and natural mineral and humic/fulvic substances like shilajit. Good herbs can make a huge difference. Just like cannabis, the addition of herbs can really improve one’s life. Clarity, ease of movement, energy, happiness can be gained by treating the body properly with good herbs. We recommend herbs like Wormwood and Clove Bud for detoxification, Bee Propolis and Reishi for immune strength, Shilajit and Ashwaganda for energy, Eleuthero for balance, and many many more. Each one of these herbs were placed here to help us. Don’t take our word for it, do your own research. Humanity was healthy until we moved away from botanical herbs.

Sunlight. Sunlight can energize our myofascial system which functions with light. Our myofascial is not only holds our structure but also is controlled by our thoughts. Having sunlight makes us healthier and happier. Just as a plant will droop and eventually die from lack of sunlight, so too will a human suffer in posture will eventually die from lack of sunlight.
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Postby Isaac03 » Fri Mar 08, 2019 12:01 am

I am a gym instructor for almost 3 yrs now, then one day when i woke up i feel a massive pain in my back. I tried many ointment and oil for my back but it didn't work out well. So my friend recommends me this https://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.c ... uana-seeds that it can help me to ease my pain, it can be used as a CBD oil. I am a little bit confused if i will use it coz its marijuana and it's my first time. Does anybody try to used CBD oil for there back pain?

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