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Gage is about experiencing life to the fullest. We research and promote a better way of living that promotes well-being and healing using cannabis. The possibilities for a better life are infinite.

In the spirit of the plant we love so much, this forum is dedicated to the pursuit of bettering the world around us. Let us vibrate positivity and healing like the ganja. There is lots of work and healing that needs to take place in order, and the time is now.

Let us make this a unique resource to help all of those in the cannabis community who are looking for a better approach to growing and living. We wish to create a resource for beginners and advance gardeners to discuss, learn and share the finest techniques and methods for growing clean and potent medicine.

We wish to populate the website with resources on how to grow Gage and how to lead a better life with cannabis. Transformation through natural healing and cannabis detoxification is completely possible. We have experienced it ourselves and we wish to share the joys and wonders of being healthy with you!

Lastly, we need you! Only you bring your particularly unique perspective to the table. Teach us what life has shown you. Share positive messages and cannabis insight to help our community become more and more beneficial. Make this your home and your space to meditate and unwind.

In today's changing world, it is time we become conscious of our power and divinity. As growers and representatives of a higher calling, we must wake up our brothers and sisters and begin to activate the hearts and minds of the people in our communities. The time is now that we begin to heal both inside and out. This world needs more growers, healers and lovers.

May your gardens be blessed.

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