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This list contains many topics related to wholistic health. This list pertains to detoxification, cleansing, and regenerating the body. None of these things are cure-alls, but when combined with intent and awareness, a holistic effect takes place. By keeping our body/our temple/our universe clean, we allow the proliferation of health, probiotics, immunity and vitality within the body and mind.

Taking steps to cleanse the body of mucus, toxins, parasites, and pathogens is crucial for our well-being.

Skin – Dry Brushing, Stretch, Massage, Gwa-sha (G-washing), Oil (Skins have different oil compatibilities, start light), Remove Dead Skin, Magnesium/Iodine/Mineral Scrub, Sweat (Sauna, Exercise), Expose Skin to Sunlight and Airflow

Shower – Probiotic Soap, Neem / Karanja Soap, Castile Soap, Hot & Cold Showers

Nails – Clean closely, Clear Debris and Cuticles, Allow Circulation

Hair / Scalp – Brushing, Essential Oils, Oils (Coconut, Olive, Jojoba, Hemp, Neem), Massage

Teeth – Blotting Tooth Brush, Baking Soda / Bentonite Clay / Charcoal Powder, Propolis, Essential Oils,

Mouth - Oil Pulling (Coconut Oil & Essential Oils), Rinse with Minerals (Higher pH), Swallow Saliva, Create a Vacuum

Meditation – The Truth of Wisdom & Love, Awareness of Mind / Body / Soul / Spirit, Heaven on Earth, Wholeness / Balance / Symmetry, Meditation Focus can be applied to all aspects of life

Sun – Sun gazing, Sun bathing, Observe the Sunrise/Sunset, Absorb Natural Light

Grounding – Place Feet on Mother Earth, Walk Barefoot (or with Socks), Step on Stones to Toughen the Sole/Soul

Drink – Pure Water (steam distilled, filtered, spring, well), Juicing (fruits, cannabis, vegetables), Fulvic (Shilajit), Minerals (Sea Salt, Calcium, Magnesium),

Eat – Organically-Grown Fruits, Berries, Melons, Herbs, Fasting

Herbs – Wormwood, Burdock, Plantago Leaf, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle, Gotu Kola, Bee Propolis, Goji, Mushrooms & Cannabis

Rest – Rest Often, Take Naps When Needed, Don’t Force Sleep, Dream Bright and Seek Clarity

Exercise – Sweat, Stay Loose, Seek Full Mobility, Internal/External Dance/Yoga/Tai Chi, Hiking

Posture – Awareness, Symmetry and Balance, Myofascial Connectivity, Equal and Aligned Tension, Flow and Form, Spinal Integrity

Clean Environment – Use Natural Cleansers (Essentials, Soaps, Vinegar, H2O2), Airflow (Feng), Humidity (Shui), Sunlight penetration,

Do you recommend any healthy protocols that are not listed here? We would love to hear them. Also, please feel free to share or modify this information to suit your needs. Our desire is for All humanity to access their full potential.

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